A veteran creative leader deeply versed in User Experience and Visual Design with 20 years of experience delivering excellence as interactive products.

After studying Graphic Design at The Art Center, in 1996 I focused my early career on web design for eCommerce applications. Transplanting to The Puget Sound region in 2001, I began working in digital media with a focus on Flash and rich media working for companies like Amazon.com and Recreation Equipment Incorporated (REI). In past lives, I spent my days as a Visual Storyteller (Senior UX Designer) at Microsoft wherein my team was dedicated to innovative advertising products across the MSN, Xbox, Windows and Skype technology platforms. Since 2015, I’ve worked for Pop, creating campaigns, content marketing, art directing video and photo shoots, branding, making apps and website and an assortment of digital products for companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ABC, Watermark, ReachNow, Path.org and many others.

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