Intel 3D Face Scan

The creative quality of this work is the best I’ve seen in years.

— Jeffrey M., Director of User Experience, Intel Corporation

Gamer Appeal

Bring these screen to life was an important part of this product. Designing for a gamer audience requires an immersive experience, and this was no exception. In addition to the UI Kit and screen by screen by screen, voiceover-led experience, a motion study, video production and custom ambient soundtrack with a complete series of audio cues was also delivered.

Building blocks

All ideas are on the table when starting a project like this. The most important thing is to get the ideas out of the mind and into a more tangible form. The whiteboard and dry erase markers are essential tools for providing freedom for ideas, socializing them for negotiation and peer collaboration. A lot of ideas fail in these early stages, but this failure is crucial to ruling out inferior solutions and getting the best ideas to shine, providing vital fuel for iteration and ultimately better designs.

UI Kit and screens created for the experience

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Getting in deeper

When it’s got to crush

But the dog ate your budget. Roll up your sleeves and become your own lighting guy, and audio engineer, and production assistant, and wardrobe.  And you can always rope a senior strategist with flawless cosmetic skills into being your make up artist. You’ve heard it before: teamwork/dreamwork.

Getting you in the game

A partnership with Intel was forged with the intent to develop an end-to-end user experience and visually compelling aesthetic for plug-in technology utilizing Intel Realsense equipped devices allows gamers to upload their own likeness into 3D universal game avatars in blockbuster game titles like Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto and more.