Microsoft Surface for Small Business

The cornerstone of this experience is a video of relatable success with unique, human perspective. Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are highlighted as essential personal productivity tools throughout this depiction.

On an incredibly busy, single-day shoot, stills and video were shot on location in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

Telling a great story requires preparation and coordination to be 100% dialed. These storyboards helped to create the blueprint for what was to become the hero video for campaign launch. Collaborating with our copywriter to develop the voice for the piece, I put together a series of scenes that depicted a day in the life of a startup tech company, created a cast for four protagonists who would each play a role in the success of obtaining funding for their exciting, new and fledgling business.

Working with Portland, OR based photographer Marcus Swanson and his production team yielded amazing results and beautiful photographic assets for Microsoft usage worldwide.

Project Overview

As Senior Art Director leading this team, I worked tirelessly to deliver to a digital campaign supporting the launch of the program Microsoft Surface for Small Business. My team crafted digital assets driving toward a campaign landing experience featuring a hero video and messaging prepared to inform a small business audience of the features, benefits and offers Microsoft curated to cater to small business customers. The photo shoot directed by team created assets for Microsoft to use not only for this campaign, but for worldwide marketing usage from 2015-2017.