Making sense of complicated content can be one of the most difficult tasks when beginning a project like this. Through an initial series of client and partner workshops, a path to organization begins. The process typically starts at the white board to capture important bits of information and commence assembly into categories.

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When the initial thinking is catalyzed and there’s a solid collection of ideas captures, it’s time to move to more formal wireframes.

Amplified by motion

A picture is a thousand words, and animation can make a thousand words worth ten thousand. Starting again with the whiteboard, a series of salient touch points on the customer journey are identified and sequenced, simplified into a simple, abstracted illustration style and prepared for motion. 


With an expanding array of services, ReachNow seized an opportunity to connect with new users by redesigning with a focus on customer acquisition. Efforts to create a local feel for each of the three cities where service is now in place are the focal point of the experience.