Microsoft Sports Science Platform

A peek behind the curtain

It’s not pretty, but when things are moving quickly, there are many things to organize and keep on the rails. Whiteboards and iPhone cameras are essential tools for capturing ideas and translating them to wires and prototypes rapidly.

Prototyping the experience

As full fidelity comps are completed, they’re added to the interactive  prototype, replacing screens that were previously wireframes or even photos of whiteboard sketches. Having access to the prototype on both the internal and client side not only introduces radical transparency into actual progress, but also enables real-time, online feedback, reduces travel between offices, and affords collaboration.

Click here to launch the Invision Prototype password: popaccess

Recently Featured Tech Press

This work was recently featured in Engadget, among other high profile tech outlets like Geekwire and others.

The Microsoft Sports Science Platform is a suite of apps that allow coaches and trainers to visualize and track biometric data associated with professional athlete performance during training sessions, practice, and gameplay.

This project began as a deep dive into a library of APIs created by Microsoft data scientists to track and archive an array of specific data points obtained from wearable technology and athlete self evaluation.

Through research and iterative UX and UI sessions, our team worked closely with the Sports Science team to create apps that help coaches and trainers leverage data to maximize player performance, plan training sessions and reduce chance of injury through over training.